Rodfei Sholom, San Antonio
Rodfei Sholom, San Antonio

An orthodox Jewish synagogue.

New addition, 21,400 sq. ft.

  • Lobby
  • Sanctuary (500 seats)
  • Social Hall (500 seats)
  • Kitchens

Renovation, 9,500 sq. ft.

  • Expanded classrooms and administration areas.

The structure is expressed throughout, and is used as a regulating "frame". A more regular/rectilinear grid is used in the Social Hall since it has more every day uses, while the Sanctuary has an irregular/curvilinear form representing the fluidity of prayer.

Sanctuary: The "ovuloid" shape is embracing, and provides seating proximity to the Rabbi. The individualized light fixture orientation represents the individual prayers of the congregants, and represents Man's communication to God. The Ark (containing the sacred Torahs) is a lantern, representing God's communication to Man.

Informal column spacing and curtain wall mullion spacing relate to God/Nature visible outside. The 12 columns on each side relate to the 12 tribes of Israel. The center columns are turned to represent the sacred tablets behind the Ark.